ULM19 UNICO Arcade CRT Replacement Monitor

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  • Units work in CGA, EGA, HDMI, VGA, SVGA or XGA resolutions.
  • Ideal for use in most Arcade & Amusement cabinets.  
  • Replace your old outdated or burn-in CRT monitors with a Unico Phoenix Monitor Series 5: 4 LCD monitor and give your games life again with our easy to install CRT replacement LCD. 
  • Manufactured with high-grade components with a superior LCD panel, that offer better picture quality, balanced picture image, viewing angles and a longer life span with no burn-in (which is typical with traditional CRT monitors).
  • All units have a unique frame design that allows you ease of installation of our LCD panel to most arcade & amusement cabinets. 
  • Built in connectors on back of LCD for CGA/EGA, HDMI, and DB15 VGA signal.
  • Pre-programmed to automatically sync with popular CGA/EGA games may require manual adjustment via OSD settings controller.
  • LCD's can be adjusted via our OSD settings for other CGA/EGA/HDMI/VGA games via included OSD settings controller.
  • +12v Power Supply
  • Mounting Brackets on monitor for easy installation.