UNICO is a well-known gaming products company in the United States. We have produced several popular gaming consoles and numerous other products to drive innovation of hardware for classic retro games.
Our goal is to provide professional and experienced gamers with a more specialized gaming experience. We are not a toy manufacturer; instead, we focus on professional gaming products.
Our Nova Blast of candy cab arcade cabinets; with a rich interface, powerful functions, and sturdy, durable construction. We aim to offer a wide range of products for professional arcade fun centers and operators.
Additionally, we have the Phoenix series of arcade CRT Replacement LCD monitors, offering a classic 4:3 aspect ratio displays ranging from 17 to 26 inche. We also will provide PC gaming monitors ranging from 27 to 32 inches, available in both LCD and OLED options.
We will soon launch handheld consoles and console series, with our hardware devices combining aesthetics and classic demands. Setting us apart from traditional gaming consoles, we will integrate Uland's Global Match, supporting the download of licensed games.
Furthermore, for certain multiplayer arcade games, we will support online services and battles.
We hope you will continue to follow UNICO a classic gaming products company you can trust.