1.What is the Nova Blast Candy Cab?

The Nova Blast Candy Cab is a recreation of the popular Japanese Candy Arcade cabinets with a slightly smaller form factor, allowing you to bring your device—whether it be an arcade PCB, console, or handheld. Most devices are compatible with the Nova Blast Candy Cab, with some exceptions requiring a special adapter.

2.How many people can play Nova Blast Candy Cab?

2 players unless linked to another Nova Blast Candy Cab with special cable which will allow for 4 players. (Single Player Control Panel will be available in the future late 2024 to early 2025)

3. What is the warranty on the Nova Blast Candy Cab and the Phoenix Monitor Series?

Please check our Warranty Policy.

4. Are there discounts if I purchase more than one product?

Unfortunately, no. Please keep watching our official website for any promotions or sales. If you are a distributor or retailer, please contact support@unico-usa.com for pricing and terms.

5. How much does the Nova Blast Candy Cab Bartop weigh?

66 lbs.

6. How much does the Nova Blast Candy Cab Base weigh?

44 lbs. (Combined weight with Bartop attached to Base is 110 lbs.)

7. What Are Mova Blast Candy Cab Bartop dimensions?

W 26”x H24” x D 19” (Dimensions of Bartop with Base Attached W 26”x H62” x D 19”).

8. How big is the screen and what type is it on the Nova Blast Candy Cab?

ULM26 Pro is a special monitor designed exclusively for the Nova Blast it is a 26"
4:3 Aspect Ratio LCD screen with a Resolution of 1440x1080 (You can buy the ULM26 Pro in early to middle of 2025).

9. Can I adjust the volume?


10. Are the built-in speakers stereo or mono?


11. Where is the speaker located?

The speakers are located on the top on each side of the Marquee on the left and right sides.

12. Are the lock and coin doors on the Nova Blast Candy Cab Bar Top and Base?

Yes, and can be used commercially or for home use.

13. Is the coin slot on the Nova Blast Candy Cab Base real?

Yes, and can be used commercially or for home use.

14. Does the LCD monitor allow connections via the inputs for CGA/EGA, HDMI, and VGA?

Yes, all these signal inputs can be connected to our ULM26 Pro installed in the Nova Blast Candy Cab along with all monitors in the Phoenix Monitor Series.

15. What is the Phoenix Monitor Series?

The Phoenix Monitor Series is a series of 4:3 Arcade CRT Replacement LCD Monitors that can take input signals of CGA/EGA, HDMI, VGA input signals from an Android Box, Console, PC, and Arcade PCBA. It's an easy drop-in installation for old CRT monitors in arcade cabinets that need to be replaced.

16. What are the sizes available 17", 19", and 26" 4:3 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1024x768?

Our ULM26 Pro installed in Nova Blast Candy cab specifications are 26" 4:3 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1440x1080.Soon a 16:9 Phoenix Gaming Series monitor will be released 27" and 32" 16:9 Aspect Ratio 1920x1080 1MS 240Hz.

17. What are the specifications of the Arcade CRT Replacement Phoenix Series of Monitors?

Unico Phoenix Monitor Series 4:3 LCD monitor which ranges in sizes 17", 19", and 26".
Built-in connections on the back of the LCD allow for CGA/EGA, HDMI, and DB15 VGA input.
Phoenix Monitor Series accepts the following signals CGA, EGA, HDMI, VGA, SVGA, and XGA.

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