MVSX Home Arcade Combo
MVSX Home Arcade Combo
MVSX Home Arcade Combo
MVSX Home Arcade Combo
MVSX Home Arcade Combo
MVSX Home Arcade Combo

MVSX Home Arcade Combo

MVSX Home Arcade Combo

MVSX Home Arcade Combo

Product description

This famous SNK MVSX arcade machine is based on the nostalgic SNK NEOGEO MVS arcade. Bring back your childhood gaming and experience the nostalgia of this beautiful arcade machine. 

Additional Details:
1. Exterior Dimensions: 19.5inch(width) *15.8inch (depth) * 25inch (height).
2. Interface language: 9 languages including Japanese, Korean, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian can be selected.
3. LCD Screen type: 17 inches, 4:3 aspect ratio, 1280x1024 pixels.
4. Type of external interface: USB type A port, supports external storage.
5. Main material of shell: Wood.
6. Power type: DC 12V/3A.
7. Speaker type: the host is equipped with two peripheral speakers.
8. Appearance features: MVS appearance design.
9. Operation control: direction control lever × 2 & 6 operation buttons × Two groups (P1 start, P2 start, return, volume knob)
10. Other parts of machine: LED light box in front of the game console, 4 classic game covers.
11. The host, base and stool are sold separately and combo in our store.

50 SNK Games Included

The MVSX Home Arcade includes 50 legendary and popular titles from various NEOGEO Series such as THE KING OF FIGHTERS, FATAL FURY, SAMURAI SHODOWN and METAL SLUG.

Two Player Controls

The size and panel is perfect for 2 players but is not too big (W19.4 inch x D15.4 inch x H25.0 inch) as it uses the classic MVS joystick and button configuration.

Premium Gameplay

The design of the MVSX Home Arcade is based on the nostalgic NEOGEO MVS arcade and will feature 2 sets of joysticks and buttons, stereo speakers and an 17 inch display. Enjoy all the classic arcade games with your friends again!

Game image pixel to pixel scale and scan line support

The MVSX has a 1280x1024 LCD screen, and we have pixel to pixel scale to remake the perfect pixel style game image, and we also support scan line to emulate the old CRT image.

Both MVS and AES modes supported in MVSX

There is a AES/MVS mode switch in the settings menu that allows you to play either the arcade or home versions of each game.

To make a full size arcade with a MVS style base

We have a standalone MVS style base for the MVSX Home Arcade. The height is 32 inches making the attached unit and base a nearly 5 foot tall arcade unit.

Tech specs

All of the classic SNK games - 50 Games included!

Chances are you've played many of these games in the 90's and early 2000's. Fall in love all over again.  Every game below is included with each MVSX machine.